A Manifesto for improving iron deficiency anaemia care in England 2016

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Dr Khailee Cheah, Consultant Geriatrician, Royal Free Hospital; Dr Jamie Dalrymple, General Practitioner, Drayton Medical Practice; Dr Andrew Goddard, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Derby Hospital; Keith Hanks, British Kidney Patient Association; Dr Duncan Jenkins, Specialist in Pharmaceutical Public Health at Dudley Office of Public Health; Professor Phil Kalra, Consultant Nephrologist, Salford Royal Hospital; Rod Mitchell, Crohn’s in Children Research Association; Joanna Pearce, Crohn’s and Colitis UK; Michael Sobanja, NHS Alliance; Dr Wayne Thomas, Consultant Haematologist, Derriford Hospital; Edwina Towning, Kidney Research UK; Iain Wittwer, Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Churchill Hospitals, Oxford and Anaemia Nurse Specialist Association

The Anaemia Manifesto is fully sponsored by Vifor Pharma Ltd. Vifor have been involved in the initiation of the Manifesto, its content, publication and in the selection of the authors.


  • Achieve consensus on key principles for diagnosis and management of iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) in England
  • Ensure specific practice guidelines for IDA are developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • Review local practice and identify areas for improvement
  • Identify a local ‘IDA champion’ within every acute care hospital
  • Develop clearly understandable local care pathways for IDA, including referral criteria for primary care (where required)
  • Develop a Best Practice Tariff for IDA management that requires local service improvements
  • Conduct long-term IDA treatment trials focused on major mortality and morbidity endpoints
  • Perform health economics analyses on the cost effectiveness of improving IDA management
  • Develop e-learning packages for healthcare professionals (in primary and secondary care) who manage patients with or at risk of IDA
  • Create multi-format patient education materials to empower people with or at risk of IDA
  • Develop a dashboard of appropriate metrics to measure performance in IDA care
  • Include some or all of these metrics within formal assessment and remuneration mechanisms for care delivery in England (e.g. NICE Quality Standards; Quality and Outcomes Framework [QOF])

Manifesto oversight

  • Put in place a cross-disciplinary working group to oversee implementation of the Manifesto – implementation is expected to be cost neutral, because reductions in emergency care costs will offset the outlay
Proposals on who should be responsible for each Manifesto item are provided within.
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Although this Manifesto provides action items for IDA care in England, many of the recommendations could be adapted for the other nations of the UK.